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Jesus says in Matthew 19:29 that where we prioritise His kingdom and His righteousness in life, for every thing we put down we receive a hundred times in this life and the life to come. He also opens the potential (Luke 8:8) of responding to His words and receiving a hundred times in return on our obedience.


At the start of 2018, as a regional family, we felt God begin to highlight to us the reality of the kingdom of God’s growth model; multiplication. We decided, based on the Holy Spirit’s nudging, that the Lord was truly issuing a challenge to us and that we needed to start taking this particular scripture more seriously. We recognised that in the secular business world, established organisations that grow by 2 or 3 times is impressive to say the least. 10 times would be headline news, but 100 times growth in all areas would be more firmly in the realm of the impossible; an area God just so happens to be a specialist in. 


So in making the leap into believing for areas that are firmly outside of our reach or capacity, we knew from the outset that only God would be able to show us how exactly He was going to make this happen:


100 times the finances

100 times the disciples of Jesus

100 times the influence

100 times the souls saved

The list could go on...


But our goals are not selfishly driven nor do we think that we can do this alone. Exactly the opposite is true in that we trust that as we serve the people around us in love, partner with others in the kingdom, and prefer one another we will see kingdom multiplication. 

We know that God wants to make this region of the North East a financial, cultural and relational hub of blessing for the nation. Where people can see the Kingdom of God most clearly demonstrated in the towns and cities of old Northumbria, the region of the three rivers, Teesside, Wearside and Tyneside. 


So on the back of such a monumental faith goal, we also felt we needed to put some immediate practical steps in place to show God we were equally ready to partner with Him in seeing this promise fulfilled. The first step of obedience to seeing this happen is prayer. 


Now in 2020, in the second year of this decade, we continue in developing prototypes, shouting about what miracles God is doing, and praying together regularly in the centre of the region. We pray specifically centred around the Holy Spirit's strategies, believing for transformation and partnering with Him in all-night prayer to see the impossible promises of God come to pass by 2028.


We cant do this on our own, Bethshan is one part of Jesus' church, but we trust God to finish what He's started. 


We have begun this prayer journey with a few gathering with us to step into deliberately praying, asking and seeking God in releasing a 100 fold anointing of multiplication on a geographical region. The North East is the Galilee of the UK.


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