Jesus came to the world at a dark time in history in a spiritually hostile climate.

Born in the midst of an infant massacre, he grew up under a powerful and oppressive empire mixed with an intolerant and political religious community. 

But instead of being intimidated or overwhelmed by His challenging environment and life circumstances, He began to embody a lifestyle full of tangible, daily miracles that eventually caught the attention of the whole nation. 


Semester 1

17th October - 29th November

Semester 2

27th January - 20th March


Semester 3

27th April - 19th June

Part of

The Hope Academy has been uniquely designed to help you to bring the Kingdom of God to the hardest and most intimidating places in society. We hope to teach you ways of how to bring measurable impact and discover how to change spiritual atmospheres.

Hope is a word often synonymous with things in the future, but we want to bring back a hope that is rooted in the present. Our God is a 'now God' and He desires to display His real and present hope through us in every area. No environment should be off limits for God to impact.

Families, education, business, government; these are all key areas that Jesus desires to use you to break into and release His Kingdom.


The Prayer School is an exciting new adventure to help students to learn specifically how to move out of the ordinary and into a life filled with the supernatural.

Rooted in the House of Prayer Europe, the school will operate out of the Prayer Room and will have three main strands. Each semester will incorporate elements of all three strands to give a holistic approach. 

The courses are designed so that students can choose to either join for just one semester or sign up to complete all three. 


The first strand focusses on who we are as God’s children.

This is the foundational stage where we are established in our heavenly Father’s love. To be truly used by God in any major way, we first need healed hearts. When we give ourselves over to this area, we become the best version of ourselves and learn how to reflect His Kingdom with true excellence.

God is passionate about us as individuals and wants us to become ambassadors that know His heart, His values and leave a tangible impact wherever we go.


The second strand is designed to teach us to pray, Jesus style. 

We are called to be those who saturate our lives in His Presence on a daily basis. It's out of the place of intimacy we will truly be effective in prayer.

Prayer is so much more than learning scripture and understanding principles; it's discovering the heart of God and seeing our prayers play out before our eyes. We have created an environment deliberately set up to engage us with God Himself. When we learn to hear His voice in this place, we will gain confidence to intercede in a way that moves the impossible around us.

Outer strand

This third key strand is built around transformation.

We believe the Holy Spirit is at work in all 168 hours of the week. The challenge is not to do good works, but to find the works that Jesus is asking us to do that will bring the 100 fold return.

God want us to grow bigger than our latest prayer list. We want to teach you how to be a part of the bigger picture that is happening in your town and city and make an impact that goes beyond your current sphere of influence. You are called to disciple nations and much of this strand comes from Ed Silvoso's ministry 'Transform our World.'

God thinks big and He wants us to have big stories that show the world that we are not just doing our job alone. When we truly learn to partner with the Holy Spirit, there's no limit to the influence we will have in the marketplace, the homes, the communities and the workplaces of our nation.


the world 

The Prayer School will begin with our own personal transformation and end with us seeing extraordinary miracles in our spheres of influence.

skills for life

Unlike many other academies, we believe that theory and practical lessons should not be taught in separate semesters but in tandem.

That is why we are pioneering a new approach to learning.

Half of our course will be deliberately spent in teaching sessions and the other half will be practically putting the learning into practice in real-life situations. 

This will equip you to not just know principles but to see those principles played outside the classroom, giving you gained experience of seeing your everyday environments begin to change and confidence to know God is with you.





The school will be taught primarily by the following speakers:











*plus guest lecturers throughout the year

Prophetic history

Sunderland is a rich spiritual well of anointing and has hosted several historical moves of the Holy Spirit that have touched the world . 

Still a place with great needs, we are being used by God to help turn this city and region into a training shop for revivalists and nation transformers.

Often refereed to as the ‘Galilee of the north,’ our region is fast becoming a prototype of transformation, where ordinary men and women can exercise their gifts and join in with the miraculous spiritual atmosphere.  

CORE values


We build our lives around the person of Jesus 


We encounter 

His heart



We are discipled by His words

We join mission as

His family


We transform through His Kingdom

Our 5 central values

In everything that we do, we ensure we live out our lives with the following core values underpinning our approach to everything we do.

We would love you to come and join our house for a short time or for longer to learn and be empowered to run the race God has marked for you. 


To register your interest and request an application form please fill in the simple form here  

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