The disciples, who modelled their lives on Jesus’ ministry, turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6) wherever they went by bringing the kingdom of God to the homes and workplaces they touched. They saw God the Holy Spirit move in the ‘secular’ parts of their world in ways we have not seen since. 


In partnership with Transform our World, the ministry of Ed & Ruth Silvoso, we are working to establishing Jesus’ ‘Ekklesia’ - his church - in our homes, communities, industries and cities. Come and learn how the paradigms, the mindsets of transformation, work out in practice. Learn prayer evangelism on the ground and how to change the spiritual atmosphere in your family, community and workplace.


We are committed to that journey here in the UK, believing for whole regions to be transformed. The North East has some great stories emerging from Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham and others from around the nation. 


This is not just about growing a ministry or business. We believe God wants much more and His kingdom should and will have effect on arenas that are yet to see the light of His kingdom. We want to create a relational gathering, a hub of Holy Spirit activity, where you can see see how God is working in projects small and big. Hear stories that will challenge you, meet emerging leaders of transformation in their fields and be inspired and provoked. Above all else we want you to receive an impartation. We want you to receive hope, faith, skills and tools to see your sphere of influence receive the kingdom of God.


As we gather in Sunderland to believe for our nation, give these 2 days, these 48 hours, to God and let Him encourage and equip you to disciple your nation!




The Top Club, Manor Road, Sulgrave, NE37 3BD



Monday 16th March - Wednesday 18th March 2020

Registration: Monday 1-2pm, Close: Wednesday 12:30pm 




Evening meals (Monday/Tuesday) & lunch (Tuesday) included.

Please let us know at time of booking of any specific dietary requirements or by email


To resource your journey we also suggest you read some resources, especially the books ‘Ekklesia’ and ‘Transformation’ and we suggest you take an online ‘School of Transformation’ and ‘Ekklesia Seminar’ which you can find (as well as other resources) by clicking the links below.

School of Transformation

Ekklesia Seminar


For more info or enquiries please email us directly on